Moisturizing Face Mask Cream Purifying Peel Off Sea Algae Natural Clay Mask Soft Skin Moisturizer

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Sea Algae Moisturizing Face Mask Cream is a rich hydrating masque formulated with mineralized clay and natural plant extracts that stimulate, purify and lift away impurities. Ocean derived elements cool and refresh as they help to reveal healthy and toned skin. The best Face Moisturizer and Peel off mask for man and women.

About the product
  • Purifying peel off mask is a rich hydrating masque, you will love! Serious care for softer skin. Made in USA
  • Sea algae mask used for cooling and refreshing which helps restore healthy and tones skin - Uncover smooth, radiant skin!
  • Moisturizing face mask cream mineralized clay and Natural plant extracts that stimulate, purify and lift away impurities
  • Natural clay mask for face gently removes impurities as it revitalizes skin; removes easily with water. To keep normal skin in balance
  • Soft skin moisturize carefully select pure and potent botanicals then combine them with scientifically advanced ingredients, creating effective formulations that promote and enhance healthy, resilient and radiant skin

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